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How to Care for Someone Having Lasik Corrective Eye Surgery

If your loved one is about to have Lasik corrective eye surgery, it will probably be your responsibility to see that they use their eye drops whenever they should and follow all post-operative instructions. If possible, try to be available for a couple of days after the surgery. Your loved one will probably not be in the best of moods just because at first the dry eye and itch can be so irritating.

Make sure they continue to wear the protective covering put over their eye by the doctor. Even while sleeping, hair or bacteria could get into the eye and cause a lot of discomfort, possibly even infection. If you have pets, try to keep them away from them during these first few days to prevent any stray animal hairs from finding their way to their eye. You may also need to assist in administering the eye drops.

A stinging sensation such as sand and dirt in the eye has been reported among some Lasik corrective eye surgery patients. If your loved one complains of this stinging sensation or any other pain, give them the pain pills the doctor most likely will prescribe.

They will most likely be sensitive to light for the first few days so you might want to keep your home darker than normal. When they do venture outside, they will probably appreciate sunglasses for at least a few days. The initial healing process from Lasik corrective eye surgery should just take a few days and then everything will be back to normal.

Don't allow them to drive until the doctor has given the go-ahead and be sure they make that first post-operative appointment. Go with them if you can and convey your observations to the doctor, both positive and negative. It may take several months for their eye to completely heal and their vision is likely to fluctuate during this time of healing.

Try to remain optimistic and encourage your loved one. Write down notes about their progress to share with the doctor. Additionally, write down any questions the two of you have to be asked at the next appointment. Of course, if they develop any unusual symptoms or severe pain, contact the doctor immediately.

You may very well feel your nerves on edge a bit during this process but it will be worth it in the end. They'll thank you for helping them get through the first few days after Lasik corrective eye surgery.


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