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What to Expect After Lasik Eye Surgery


by Vic Bilson


Lasik eye surgery is popular because of the general ease of the procedure. Patients report a relative lack of pain after Lasik eye surgery and almost immediate occurrence of excellent vision.

Lasik eye surgery is a surgical procedure, but one can essentially come and go from the hospital before and after the procedure with little to no assistance. You値l need to arrange for some time off from work. In most cases, it is just a couple of days. You値l need to make sure you have a ride to and from the procedure.

Discuss with your doctor ahead of time if he値l be giving you a Valium or something to relax you during the surgery. Of course, you池e not obligated to take any medication but for some people, it helps them to relax and not be so frightened.

Make sure whoever takes you to the appointment listens to and understands the aftercare instructions, especially if you have had a sedative as you may not remember all the instructions. Ideally, they値l be written down and you値l be given some post-op literature to read. Keep the Lasik eye surgery information regarding post-op procedures handy.

The procedure takes place while the patient is conscious although sometimes a mild sedative is given to the patient upon advice of the surgeon. The entire process takes, in normal circumstances, less than sixty seconds. Most people do not feel any pain at all during the procedure as drops of anaesthesia are administered directly to the eye prior to the surgical procedure.

After the procedure, the patient rests for a short period of time. Some patients elect to have both eyes worked on, so a short break is taken between. Some patients choose to book two appointments, one for each eye, due to time constraints or other personal preferential matters.

It is important to follow the doctor痴 instructions specifically, as it is with all medical procedures. Proper rest and the administering of any necessarily prescriptions is important to the completion of a successful Lasik eye surgery process.


In most cases, after Lasik eye surgery the vision improves almost instantly however in some cases patients that their vision improves to an even greater degree after days and weeks pass. Most people end up with 20/20 vision after Lasik eye surgery, but some still need glasses or contact lenses to assist with proper sight requirements. Their prescription levels, of course, would be much lower than before the surgery.

There are a few complications that should be noted, however they rarely occur. Some patients experience infection or glare and normally consult their surgeon for a small adjustment procedure that is equally simple.



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