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Getting the Most from LASIK Surgery


by Joseph Then


LASIK eye surgery can completely change the way you see the world around you. It can take your blurry vision and make it clear. You will no longer have to rely on eye glasses or contact lens to see, but be able to wake up each morning jump out of bed and see the world before clearly. Imagine how great that would be. LASIK, though, is not a miracle cure, there are ways you can help ensure your LASIK surgery is a success.

The first thing you should do to ensure you get the most from LASIK surgery is to ensure you are a good candidate. Not everyone is suited for LASIK and in some cases, certain medical conditions could make LASIK surgery too risky. Some of the general qualifications for getting LASIK are: - 18 years or older - Not pregnant or breastfeeding - Not taking certain medications - Have overall healthy eyes with a stable prescription One of the major concerns with LASIK and the reason for these qualifications is hormones in the body can cause subtle changes in the eye that can effect vision and therefore can effect the results of the LASIK surgery.

You should also understand that while LASIK is generally successful in producing vision clear enough to avoid the use of corrective lens, that it will not correct other eye conditions that do not effect the cornea. LASIK is designed to treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. It will not treat problems in other areas of the eye and it will not stop the condition that causes a person to need reading glasses as this is an age related condition. It is reasonable to have high expectations, but you should be clear on what the results may be.

Part of getting the most from LASIK surgery is also choosing the right doctor. You need to ask a lot of questions about your surgeons experience and the overall LASIK experience. Your surgeon should be experienced with using the equipment and with doing LASIK surgery. He should be able to answer any question you have as well.

To get the most form LASIK surgery involves you being prepared for the surgery. It is not all just about getting perfect vision. You want the whole experience to be a good one. The most you can expect is to walk away being grateful and happy that you had the surgery it is then that you have really gotten the most form your LASIK surgery.


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